Terminus 1200 Sealed unit with battery.

Terminus 1200 Sealed unit with battery.


The Terminus 1200 is ideal for vehicles with limited installation space, this device is also sealed with a back-up battery, protecting it from evironmental elements, designed to be installed on motorcycles, trailers, ATV's, boats, tractors, golfcarts or any item exposed to various weather conditions. 


    The TERMINUS 1200 high-value tracking unit from TERMINUS GPS features a small size, superior GPS performance, an internal 3.8 Ah battery and three Inputs/Outputs (I/O). The TERMINUS 1200 is a complete vehicle tracking and communications device incorporating next-generation, super-sensitive GPS technology on GPRS, CDMA and HSPA cellular networks for installation in any 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicle. Superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for wired antennas and make the TERMINUS 1200 mountable virtually anywhere in the vehicle. Messages are transported across the cellular network using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging providing a reliable communications link between the device and your application servers. The TERMINUS 1200 is designed to dramatically reduce cost of ownership, power and size while providing excellent field reliability.


    Refund and Cancellation is only upon return of unused equipment within first 30 days or ordering.  A cancellation and restocking fee may be applicable.


    This item will be shipped already programmed, activated and ready to be installed into your vehicle.