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About Us-


Terminus GPS, llc is "need driven" and founded on a parents need to know.


We are parents to three teenage children, one who began driving in 2013.


Today's driving is challenging for the most experienced road veterans. Gone are the days of just driving with maybe the radio as our only distraction.  Today's roads are very dangerous, and while a major milestone for any 16 year old to achieve their driver's license, it's every parents nightmare once driving begins. 


When our daughter began driving I was working for a gps tracking company, where it was my responsibility to program devices for specific co-ordinance, speed, distance, gas consumption and other optimization diagnostics for fleet vehicles. My wife asked if I could design a similar device to be installed into the vehicle our daughter was driving, to allow for real time information of driving, duration of destinations and speeds during travel. The peace of mind this simple program offered, was invaluable.  Alerts were set and received on my wife's cell phone each time our daughter turned her vehicle on and could be viewed at anytime while the car was in operation.  The device was also programmed to alert both our daughter and my wife if speed limits were exceeded and for how long.  Immediately, other parents were asking how they could purchase this device and program. While we very much wanted to share the same peace of mind with other parents of teenage drivers, and children of aging parents, at that time this was not possible.  After more than four years and many request from friends, neighbors and acquaintances so began the inspiration to launch our company Terminus GPS. 


While we can't solve most worries associated with our teens, we can bring a little peace of mind while they are behind the wheel. We are committed to reducing risk that teen's and adults face while on the road.

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