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How does it work?

The device is a cellular modem with a GPS receiver.  It will transmit the location of the vehicle as it moves around.  Typically, you will see a renewed location every 5 minutes when the vehicle is driving and every 12 hours if parked.


What does "GPS" stand for?

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a "constellation" of approximately 30 well-spaced satellites that orbit the Earth and make it possible for people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location. 

How reliable is the system?

We have a 99% reliability of the platform using multiple servers to keep you up-to-date with immediate location.  At times the unit may lose cellular signal like your cell phone but the memory will hold the plotted information until it reconnects.  Meantime the device will immediately start looking for cell signal. 

Also, sometimes when a vehicle is driven into a large parking structure that is underground or a metal building with very little or no windows the unit may lose GPS signal.  The unit will record its last good location and broadcast it with the message of lost signal.  When the vehicle emerges from the garage it will regain signal and continue as normal.


How much power does it draw on the vehicle?

The device will only draw a small amount of amperage when parked.  This would equate to that of the memory power to the radio.  The unit will go into sleep mode when motionless.  When the vehicle is moved (towed) or the ignition is turned on it will immediately awake and start tracking and sending alerts.


Power Consumption

        <3 mA @ 12V (deep sleep) Less then the memory on your radio uses!
        <10 mA @ 12 V (sleep on network with SMS)
        <70 mA @ 12 V (active tracking)


Will it tell me the history of where the vehicle has been?

Your platform will hold the last 90 days of history accessible to you at any time. 


The mileage on the platform, is it accurate?

Yes, it records the mileage and adds it to the starting number.  If you did not put the beginning mileage in when installed, then this would only be the tracked mileage.  This can be updated any time.

Where is the device installed?

The device will be installed by a professional and strategically located within the vehicle allowing maximum coverage and signal while hidden from sight. If professionally installed the device will not interfere with the vehicles electronics in anyway. 

What is a geofence area?

A Geofence is an area you have designated as a place or point of interest (i.e., school, home, work, friends house, anywhere).  Anytime the vehicle leaves or enters a geofenced area an alert is received on your smartphone.  An unlimited number of geofences can be designated.


When will it tell me that the vehicle has reached a geofence area?

This will happen two ways.  One, the platform will have the alert in history as soon as the device sends the report.  Second, the platform (if you enabled) will send a text message and/or email to your phone to tell you the vehicle has arrived.  The time frame on the second part is dependent on your cellular carrier, however;  most alerts are received within seconds.

Can I install this myself?

No!  While there are devices that are a plug in version, this is not recommended.  If it is that easy to install then it's just as easily removed!  

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