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Congratulations!  Your teen just received their driver's license.  An exciting milestone for both teen and parent, or so it should be; but if you're like most parents, your anxiety level just reached a new high! Let's face it; the roads today are a very scary place for even the most skilled driver, much less the brand new driver.  As parents, we applaud their independence and their achievement, but simply can't ignore the extreme risk of danger each and every time our teen gets behind the wheel.  

* The #1 Cause of Death of drivers between the ages of 15-20 is vehicle crashes.

* Contrary to popular belief, teens crash more often because they are inexperienced!

Laws Are Not Enough - Parental Rules & Monitoring Do Help

* 5 to Drive

  • No Cell Phones While Driving

  • No Extra Passengers

  • No Speeding

  • No Alcohol

  • No Driving or Riding without Seatbelts


We are all guilty of speeding and more often without intent, rather in just keeping up with traffic flow.  "IT'S BAD PRACTICE, UNSAFE & UNLAWFUL".  Speeding increases crash risk more so for a teen driver as their driving and cognitive skills are not fully developed to swiftly make critical decisions required under sudden changed weather conditions, road changes, road obstructions, or gauging an oncoming vehicle while trying to pass.  Controlling any vehicle only improves with experience and time.

Technology Does Help

We believe in positive reinforcement of good behavior, rather than emphasizing mistakes.  Remind your teen their safety is YOUR utmost concern, and establishing a level of trust is key.  Using today's technology, like GPS tracking and speed alerts hopefully will be used as positive reinforcement of good driving behaviors along with securing that level of trust between both parents and teens. 

*Provided by NHTSA

Two Page Contract for Your New Teen Driver



Dedicated to Reducing Crash Risk by Keeping Parents Involved.

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