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Terminus GPS Mobile v2 is a specially developed program which gives access to lite version of Terminus GPS from different mobile devices such as Android, iPod, iPhone.


Requirements for mobile operating system:

  • iOS;

  • Android 1.6+;

Only native browsers can be used, and cookies should be activated in the browser.

Terminus GPS Mobile basic features are:

  • displaying unit current position on map;

  • unit movements for latest 5 messages;

  • dynamic filter of units by name;

  • information about unit state, connection, driver, sensor values, etc.;

  • tracking of moving units;

  • geolocation.



When you log in to the application under a new user, go through the authorization process. To do this, tap Sign in, specify the name of the user and the password and tap Authorize. In case of successful authorization, the page with units available for monitoring opens. In the future, to log in to the application, select the necessary account from the list of available ones on the login page. To remove an account from the list, tap the Trash icon and confirm the action.


The following options are accessible through the main menu:

  • Units: show the list of available units with short information on them;

  • Map: show units on the map (to be 'seen', unit has to have a special flag enabled in its properties – Show on map);

  • Settings: custom configuration of the program (map, icons, etc.);

  • Logout: logout from the program.

TerminusGPS Mobile Units.JPG



The application window consists of the workspace which occupies its main part and the navigation bar at the bottom.

The following tabs can be available in the navigation bar:

To find a necessary tab, swipe left or right inside the bar. You can change the set of available tabs and their order in the settings.


The Reports, Notifications, Geofences and Status tabs are displayed if the Reports, Notifications, Geofences and Dashboard services are activated for the account respectively.

The workspace is the area where the user interacts with the system within the selected section.

On the Monitoring, Map, Notifications and Geofences tabs as well as in the Templates section on the Reports tab, there is a dynamic search in the upper part of the screen. It works by the name of the item.

Unit Properties

Unit properties are divided into two tabs:

Information — information on current state of unit:

  • General — last messages time, device type, phone number, unique ID (phone number and UID are available only if the current user has manage access to this unit);

  • Position — location (if available), speed of movement, altitude, satellites locked, course (direction of movement, if available);

  • Counters — mileage, engine hours, GPRS traffic.

  • Sensors — sensors and their values.

  • Parameters — state of inputs/outputs and other parameters available in the last message.

  • Custom fields — unit custom fields from its properties.


Settings — unit display on the map:

  • Show on map — if activated, unit will be seen on the map (the option is stored only for the current user);

  • Watch on map — if activate, each time new message from this unit comes, the map automatically moves to its latest location (the option is stored only for the current user).

To return to the work list, press Back. All altered properties are saved automatically.

TerminusGPS Mobile OBj.JPG
Unit Properties
TerminusGPS Mobile Info.JPG


Program settings are also divided into two tabs:

General settings:

  • Language — choose English or Spanish as interface language.


Unit settings:

  • Show icons — enable or disable displaying units' icons in the work list. By default, the option is activated. However, you may want to disable it in order to increase program performance. Smooth scrolling of the work list depends on mobile device properties, Internet connection quality, and other factors.


Map settings:

  • Show unit names — unit can be displayed on the map either as just an icon or together with its name.

  • Use geolocation — enable/disable geolocation function.

  • Address provider — default address provider is Gurtam Maps, however, Google Maps can be activated, too. If no address information is available, then coordinated are shown.


Unit's tooltip:

  • Parameters — display values of raw parameters taken from the last message in unit's tooltip that appears when you click on unit's icon on the map.

  • Sensors — display values of sensors in unit's tooltip.


To return to the work list, press Back. All altered properties are saved automatically and affect only the current user.

TerminusGPS Mobile Settingsback.JPG



On the Map tab, you can see the location of all units from the worklist.

In addition to the same-name tab, the map is available in the properties of the unit, its history, and on the Geofences tab. You can find the information about the map settings here.

Map Selection

To select a map, tap the icon  in the upper left corner, make a selection, and tap OK. You can also do this on the Settings tab (the Map source option).

Working with the Map

You can zoom and rotate the map. Besides, you can use it to find your own location.


Zooming the map is possible using the buttons (the Zoom buttons option must be activated in the settings) or special gestures:

  • double tap or spread to zoom in;

  • single tap or pinch to zoom out.

Map rotating

Map rotating is possible using a rotation gesture with two fingers. To return the map to its original position, tap the compass icon.


Finding your own location

To find your own location on the map, tap the icon . As a result, the map focuses on the location of the mobile device, and the icon turns blue. When you move around the map and lose the location marker, the icon  changes to , tapping which centers the map on the location of the mobile device.


Map Menu

The map menu is available after a long tap on the map. The menu contains the following items:


Route planning

A tap on Navigate to in the menu opens a list of the navigation applications installed on the device. Select the required one to plan a route.

The navigation application automatically uses the point you have tapped on the map as the endpoint of the route. The starting point is the location of the mobile device.


Units on Map

By default, the map is centered so that you can see all units on the screen. To quickly find the unit, use the dynamic search.

To view extended information about a unit, tap its icon. Tap the icon again to center the map on the unit and update the data from the General information and History blocks.

The icons overlapping each other can be replaced by a common icon with a numerical indicator (the Icon grouping option). The indicator shows the number of grouped units. Tap the icon to see the list of the units.

If there are more than 100 units in the worklist, the Icon grouping option is enabled automatically when you open the map.

If the Unit movement direction layer is activated in the web version of Terminus GPS and the Unit icons option is enabled in application settings, the unit movement direction is shown next to the unit icon on the map.



A track of unit's movement can be built for any period of time. In the Map mode, press the Tracks button on the top panel and adjust required track parameters.


Choose a unit in the dropdown list. Only units with the flag Show on map are displayed on this list. Press the Units button above to go to the work list and set those flags if necessary.


Set time interval (from — to) and other track parameters:

  • Trips — apply trip detector while building the track;

  • Annotations — show annotations at the points where messages were received (time and speed is given in the annotation);

  • Color — track can be of different colors depending on speed or sensor values or be just one-colored.


More about track parameters...


After adjusting all parameters, press the Execute button below. Your track will be shown on the map.


None that any number of tracks can be drawn on the map, either for different units or for one unit at different time periods. To remove all those tracks from the map, press Clear.


Click on any point of the track to get detailed information for this point: message time, speed of movement, address (or coordinates), satellites count.


If you click on unit icon, you will be offered two options: Remove track and Information. The first one is designed to remove all tracks drawn on the map for this unit. The second is to see a standard tooltip with detailed information on the unit.

TerminusGPS Mobile Map2.JPG


TerminusGPS Mobile Map3.JPG

Terminus GPS Mobile v2 supports geolocation function. Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal known from the Internet Protocol (IP) address, MAC address, hardware embedded article/production number, embedded software number, or other information.


Geolocation is activated in settings. Note that you may need to additionally check browser settings.


When you switch to the map mode, the program essays to locate you. Your supposed position will be indicated on the map with a special marker. In addition, the I'm here button will appear on the screen. Click on this button at any time to move the map to your current location. Click on this marker to see available address information.


In case geolocation is not successful, an error is displayed and the corresponding marker and button are not shown.

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