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 Your Fleet 

Terminus GPS, LLC Fleet

Terminus GPS for fleets is an innovative web-based fleet management platform.  

We create the professional platform you need that is organic and ever changing like your business.  

Once implemented we will create reports, notifications, and alerts to help reduce:

  • Labor

  • Fuel

  • Idle time

  • Miles driven

  • Maintenance 

Meantime, you will be notified of driver behavior customized to your particular needs.  We can even set-up a weekly report showing speeds vs. posted limits and accelerated g-force events.

Some examples of report types:

  • Fleet Status

  • Daily Activity

  • Trips and Parking by day

  • Fuel Usage

  • Visited geofences

  • Speeding

  • Idling

  • Unsafe Driving

  • Maintenance due

  • Video recorded

  • IFTA (Mileage by State)



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