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Terminus GPS, LLC Logistics

Terminus Logistics: Advantageous Order Management Service

Terminus Logistics is designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations. The service allows to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery – transportation arrangements, transport processes optimization and cost saving. Terminus Logistics comprises web-version for dispatchers and mobile application for drivers.

Web-version ensures effective operating procedures management.

• Order placement. Create or import orders with detailed        description;

• Planning and distribution. Select orders and vehicles;

• Route optimization. Get preliminary routes comprising data on estimated arrival time and mileage;

• Delivery process monitoring and coordination. Respond to emerging issues via phone calls or chatting with the driver.


Terminus Logistics mobile app is designed for delivery men and other mobile employees.

• view the list of orders with detailed information;

• track and evaluate delivery progress;

• observe orders and preliminary routes on the map;

• build a route to a delivery point using external navigation apps;

• assign order statuses (delivered/rejected);

• notify a dispatcher on any circumstances concerning deliveries;

• add comments and photos;

• deal with clients on the phone.

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